The Time I Spent a Whole Hour Ordering a UHaul

With every wedding comes learning. Immense learning. 

My first wedding taught me to label all boutonnieres and watch out for overly generous grooms who will try pinning their own boutonnieres on another man. (@ Garrett Morrow) Also that humidity makes peonies just splay open like crazy and get pollen everywhere. Also that pollen + white dresses don't mix. 

My second wedding taught me that making garlands is no joke and you should charge appropriately for it or you'll end up with only blisters and $5 to show for it. Also that floral foam is sometimes a necessity that could betray you so be careful and wise.

My third wedding is currently still teaching me. I learned during my first wedding that a tree of cherry laurel + 100s of flowers do not fit in a Honda Accord COUPE no matter how clever my Mayesh friends can be. So, I just spent an hour trying to order a UHaul van to transport my thousands of flowers for this upcoming wedding. What I'm learning there? I need to buy a larger car OR UHaul needs to update their website game. But also that modern resources are truly amazing.

More to come, I've got a lot of learning to do.

What I've Learned (so far) About Wedding Flowers

I was a Horticulture major at Texas A&M in a former life, so plant care is fascinating to me. I really like to see how long I can keep cut flowers alive for & in how good of condition. It's a fun & teaches me a lot about flower life/death cycles. The vase life of the plant really depends on how well you process them after you pick them up from the wholesalers, so this has become one of my favorite steps. Don't get me wrong, I get really antsy & want to design already but processing helps me slow down & really care for the flower alone, before it gets placed with others.

Removing dead leaves, petals & thorns to reveal colors & movement that speak for themselves, is just a wonderful feeling, like the curtain is being drawn. Coming back to see them in the morning when they're all refreshed from the processing & opening their petals, is really something. I love those mornings. In some situations, it's a lot of stress before you get the "moment" though. 

For instance, daffodil care scares me. So naturally I picked some up from the wholesaler this week. 

If you're reading this & you're not a flower person, here are some things you need to know about Daffodils. They're pretty delicate, have soft white flowers & really like the cold. They also secrete fluids after they're cut that are toxic to other flowers. So - if used in an arrangement, there are special steps you should be mindful of.

Keeping cut flowers alive for a long period of time, is already difficult & ominous, without having a little death oozer put in the mix.

Honestly, if you soak them overnight before putting them in an arrangement with other flowers, you're usually solid, but I definitely went overboard with taking care of them. You can never be too careful, right?

Anyways, the arrangements look wonderful & the daffodils didn't murder everything else overnight like they did in my dream. (Does anyone else have stress dreams about their flowers dying?)

This blog post will probably be extended later with some more factual things that could help florists that are just starting but right now I've got to make a table wreath! Yahoo for wedding days! 



Ever so sweet

I'm new at this. I started my business legally, early November of last year. I did my very first shoot later that month. After that shoot, things were very still until grace-filled friends started talking about my little business. I wouldn't say that inquiries started "rolling" in, but they picked up in a very encouraging way, reminding me that I am here to do this, & it is good. Every second of doubt is paralleled by hours of belief.

My very first inquiry that was not a referral, was a bride named Rachel. She found me through my social platforms, saw that I was new & wanted to give me a chance to do what I loved dearly. She FOUND me, wanted to give me a CHANCE & in turn, entrusted me with her WEDDING day. If that isn't a word spoken straight from God's mouth, I don't know what is. Rachel, if you're reading this, you are an incredible vessel. I thank you every day for your willingness to listen & to love. You've spurred/encouraged my floral journey more than you can ever know.

All of my brides thus far have been nothing but wonderful.They're patient & willing & kind. They've let me grow & learn. Grace-filled is the best way to describe my short floral career. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who trust you to do what you're called to & allow you to make mistakes & learn to get there. My cup runneth over & is just spilling all over the floor. This morning I am so grateful. I have some short thank-yous I'd like to have written down & spread all over the internet. Beware, there are a lot.

Rachel, my first bride - read above. You are love.

Amelia, my Tersilla + Co, college BFF, sweet encourager & when in need, mentor - thank you for your patience, your intense encouragement & unfailing love for me & belief in me.

Heidi Carr, the woman who reached out & continues to constantly - thank you for giving me that first chance to create, thank you for continually giving me chances to create, thank you for seeing me.

Kate, my sister - thank you for helping me with science things & listening to me when I panic about "all my flowers dying overnight" every single day & sending me pictures of your little dog when I get too worked up.

My parents - thanks for mailing me the many legal forms & tax things that I needed in order to start this whole thing, & thanks for having the quiet patience & belief in me that doesn't need to echo, but is definitely heard.

Payton, my brother - thanks for being there when I decided to start this thing, you may not know it, but your little nudges of encouragement over spaghetti really made a difference.

Kristyn, my friend turned sister-in-law - thanks for always texting me when I have events & telling me my flowers look great, the acknowledgment from 400+ miles away means a whole lot.

Paige, my other BFF - you're my go-to gal now for roadtrips to the wholesaler, you're my hype gal, thanks for hanging in there with me.

Aaron, my oldest friend (buh dum tiss) - you amaze me by your kindness. You're genuine belief in me echos in my ears. Thank you. Also, thanks for the funny gifs/memes when I get to panicking.

AND Dakota, the love of my life - I will never have the space to type out how thankful I am for you. You make me feel like a million bucks. Thank you for your interest in what I do, for you willingness to learn & help. Thank you for helping me secure tons of flowers in my tiny car & thank you for caring for them just as much as I do. Thank you for kind notes that remind me of how proud you are.  I'm going to have to write a whole separate blog for you, sweetheart.

I am fortunate. Incredibly so.

Here's to stopping to smell the roses, because they are ever so sweet.