Ever so sweet

I'm new at this. I started my business legally, early November of last year. I did my very first shoot later that month. After that shoot, things were very still until grace-filled friends started talking about my little business. I wouldn't say that inquiries started "rolling" in, but they picked up in a very encouraging way, reminding me that I am here to do this, & it is good. Every second of doubt is paralleled by hours of belief.

My very first inquiry that was not a referral, was a bride named Rachel. She found me through my social platforms, saw that I was new & wanted to give me a chance to do what I loved dearly. She FOUND me, wanted to give me a CHANCE & in turn, entrusted me with her WEDDING day. If that isn't a word spoken straight from God's mouth, I don't know what is. Rachel, if you're reading this, you are an incredible vessel. I thank you every day for your willingness to listen & to love. You've spurred/encouraged my floral journey more than you can ever know.

All of my brides thus far have been nothing but wonderful.They're patient & willing & kind. They've let me grow & learn. Grace-filled is the best way to describe my short floral career. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who trust you to do what you're called to & allow you to make mistakes & learn to get there. My cup runneth over & is just spilling all over the floor. This morning I am so grateful. I have some short thank-yous I'd like to have written down & spread all over the internet. Beware, there are a lot.

Rachel, my first bride - read above. You are love.

Amelia, my Tersilla + Co, college BFF, sweet encourager & when in need, mentor - thank you for your patience, your intense encouragement & unfailing love for me & belief in me.

Heidi Carr, the woman who reached out & continues to constantly - thank you for giving me that first chance to create, thank you for continually giving me chances to create, thank you for seeing me.

Kate, my sister - thank you for helping me with science things & listening to me when I panic about "all my flowers dying overnight" every single day & sending me pictures of your little dog when I get too worked up.

My parents - thanks for mailing me the many legal forms & tax things that I needed in order to start this whole thing, & thanks for having the quiet patience & belief in me that doesn't need to echo, but is definitely heard.

Payton, my brother - thanks for being there when I decided to start this thing, you may not know it, but your little nudges of encouragement over spaghetti really made a difference.

Kristyn, my friend turned sister-in-law - thanks for always texting me when I have events & telling me my flowers look great, the acknowledgment from 400+ miles away means a whole lot.

Paige, my other BFF - you're my go-to gal now for roadtrips to the wholesaler, you're my hype gal, thanks for hanging in there with me.

Aaron, my oldest friend (buh dum tiss) - you amaze me by your kindness. You're genuine belief in me echos in my ears. Thank you. Also, thanks for the funny gifs/memes when I get to panicking.

AND Dakota, the love of my life - I will never have the space to type out how thankful I am for you. You make me feel like a million bucks. Thank you for your interest in what I do, for you willingness to learn & help. Thank you for helping me secure tons of flowers in my tiny car & thank you for caring for them just as much as I do. Thank you for kind notes that remind me of how proud you are.  I'm going to have to write a whole separate blog for you, sweetheart.

I am fortunate. Incredibly so.

Here's to stopping to smell the roses, because they are ever so sweet.