The Time I Spent a Whole Hour Ordering a UHaul

With every wedding comes learning. Immense learning. 

My first wedding taught me to label all boutonnieres and watch out for overly generous grooms who will try pinning their own boutonnieres on another man. (@ Garrett Morrow) Also that humidity makes peonies just splay open like crazy and get pollen everywhere. Also that pollen + white dresses don't mix. 

My second wedding taught me that making garlands is no joke and you should charge appropriately for it or you'll end up with only blisters and $5 to show for it. Also that floral foam is sometimes a necessity that could betray you so be careful and wise.

My third wedding is currently still teaching me. I learned during my first wedding that a tree of cherry laurel + 100s of flowers do not fit in a Honda Accord COUPE no matter how clever my Mayesh friends can be. So, I just spent an hour trying to order a UHaul van to transport my thousands of flowers for this upcoming wedding. What I'm learning there? I need to buy a larger car OR UHaul needs to update their website game. But also that modern resources are truly amazing.

More to come, I've got a lot of learning to do.