Summertime Chicken Spaghetti

If you’re like me - you love making casseroles because 1) they cover dinner one night & lunch the next day, 2) mean you have 25 minutes - 1 hour of oven cooking down time where you can drink wine & write, or draw, or watch a show and 3) because they are easy peasy, so yummy & if it’s not just you two, can feed a crew!


I recently starting making casseroles upon casseroles because my sister-in-law is staying with us & I have to make more food than usual, so a lot of posts in this season will be casseroles! I always try to stray more into the healthy zone - but grew up in a southern home so sometimes lots of butter makes it into recipes. I’m an olive or coconut oil girl most days, but a butter girl at heart. You are warned, this is a butter recipe. I was operating in the shadow of Dakota’s mom’s chicken spaghetti & got nervous and I figured “a little butter always makes things better,” so I went for it.


I used this recipe from Spend with Pennies! Dakota & I like things a little spicier so I added a dash of chili powder. I like a little more veggies & garlic in everything so I also added a red bell pepper & 3 more cloves of garlic than it called for. If you have ever read through Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, you know the garlic love is real in this day & age. I think it could use 1/2 a teaspoon more of italian seasoning, but is yummy yummy just the way it is & is super simple to adjust to your taste!

We made crescent rolls & green beans as the sides, nothing too crazy. This is a really great, feel good recipe for a slow night in after travel, or a long hot summer day. Pairs well with a couch & a glass of pinot noir (and flowers as always if you’ve got ‘em.)

I’d go back for seconds.
— Dakota, Husband
chicken spaghetti

The grocery/ingredient list is in the link to the recipe - super affordable for newlyweds on a budget. Super simple for newlyweds learning how to cook for one another.

Hope it makes some tummies happy tonight! Let me know how it was for you!