A-Lotta Tostada


Let me start this one off with… YUM!!! I think these tostadas are the reason I fell in love with Dakota. They are my favorite meal by far and a lot of our family’s favorite as well! They are crunchy, seasoned well, messy, zesty… all the everything you could want in food! I had them for lunch today and I am drooling as I write this still. Also if you can’t tell, they are gorgeous. So if you’re looking for pretty food - you’ve found it.


Funny backstory: these are from Winc’s wine pairing booklet that you get with wines when you order through them. All of their wines are so so good and they always do an awesome job of pairing meals with them. No this is not a paid ad. I just like their recipes, haha. HOWEVER!!! If you don’t know, Winc is a wine subscription service, one that me and my friends in college decided to try out. I started it the last month of my summer job and truly meant to cancel after the first round because they send you like 4-5 wines and I am one person and cannot drink 4-5 wines a month! I failed at cancelling though… for 3 more months. SO your girl had TWELVE bottles of wine to make it through by month 3. I wasn’t even really drinking any, I just kept forgetting and it was horrible. Eventually I cancelled, but not until I was totally BROKE and I mean like I had $54 after quitting my job and then Winc charged me for my MONTHLY WINE SUBSCRIPTION and suddenly I had $4 to last me until school started - which was 2 weeks away. Needless to say I got a refund, but not after having to admit to a customer service assistant that I had indeed accidentally spent $200 on WINE when I was BROKE and still currently had TWELVE bottles of unopened wine in my pantry and $4 to my name. :)


MOVING ON! Winc is how Dakota found tostadas. You can view the recipe here. Two major things 1) this says mini and we make them regular sized because we found that the tortilla holds up better when it is larger & 2) this says vegetarian but you know how we do - so we added baked & shredded chicken!* These take a little while, about an hour to make and they make a MESS of your kitchen. So the best way to do it is to start with a clean kitchen, a margarita and your favorite person to cook with, then get on it! Also, don’t be afraid to make the mess! It’s inevitable, but they are worth it.

I am drooling as I write this.
— Jill, Wife

*Did you know that you can use your Kitchenaid mixer to shred chicken? This rocked my world.

These go really well with a margarita like I said, or a white wine or a Mexican beer, whatever tickles your fancy. They are great for summer and usually have leftovers enough to make lunch the next day or you can invite people over - they’re great for a tostada party as well. Everything keeps well aside from the guac, but if you put the pit from the avocado in the guac when you store it, it keeps it from oxidizing, so that’s a good solution! They go great in a bowl or as nachos, super versatile!

Top with lots of lime and enjoy! We really love this recipe and hope you do too!!!

PS You should have a competition to see who can eat the whole tostada without having anything fall off & without having the tostada break (or just a competition to see who can eat the whole things and make the smallest mess.) It’s truly - truly a challenge, but these things are just too tasty and so worth the mess.