A Set Table


Aside from flowers, one of my great passions is cooking & setting a table for loved ones (or honestly perfect strangers, too.) It is humble and in no way culinary or professional, just a hobby that I love and want to share! I super enjoy styling tablescapes & creating/styling the food & candles & the view of it all. Incorporating florals into the midst of it makes my heart swell.


I started this page to share some recipes that I’ve stumbled across & tweaked over our first few years of marriage, in hopes that some newly weds, couples or even single ladies/men would find something they love, to make their own for their loved ones. It’s a mix of southern, soul food, uber healthy treats, asian dishes & lots of sweet potatoes, garlic and cheese. I also hope it gives newlyweds recipes that they can use to break in their registry gifts! Some of these recipes I specifically made so that I could use a certain kitchen utensil or new bowl (lol).

If you’re curious about wether it is too risky or if your husband/SO will like it… each post will probably have some quirky anecdote from Dakota about the quality of the food, haha! Anyway, I am so glad that you’re here to get a taste of our kitchen and I’m here to help you set your table!

PS if you ever have recipe suggestions yourself or tweaks you tried and loved, comment with them! I’d love to get a taste of YOUR kitchen!

PPS if you like my plates, they’re from Amazon - they’re a steal - get ya some.