Not-So-Vegan Vegan Pasta


So, we bought some almond milk because I wanted to make some “nice” cream. Once I made the nice cream, though, I didn’t really have a whole lot of uses for the milk! Now, I hate wasting any kind of food - so I figured I’d look up some sort of recipe that uses almond milk, to make for a weeknight dinner. You can check out that recipe here, so if you buy some almond milk for this recipe but then don’t have anything else to use it for, you can make that! I’ll be writing a post about that recipe soon, because it was gooodd!

I stumbled across this gem! Now, I’ve never cooked with non-dairy milk for a sauce. I use coconut milk in curry & soups all the time but I didn’t really know how almond milk would do as a cream sauce. I was skeptical all the way through the recipe, but let me tell you - it turned out golden!

I got the recipe from Yup, It’s Vegan but Nope, It was not Vegan after I was done with it. I’m usually a-ok eating vegan or vegetarian but that husband of mine gets hungry if we don’t have lots of protein or meats in our dinners so I usually adapt! I oven-baked some chicken breasts seasoned with parsley, oregano, red pepper, salt & pepper, then I sliced them horizontally in an Olive Garden chicken style (lol, you know what I mean) to top it off!

The recipe resulted in creamy goodness that I topped & styled with fresh basil from the now basil TREE that we have in our herb pot on our porch. No one warns you that those suckers get huge. I also cut up some cherry tomatoes from our farmers market that had those gorgeous heirloom colors & some green onion just because!


I think the sauce could have used some parmesan to thicken it up & add some flavor, but we didn’t have any while I was cooking it - I’ll probably try again this week and add some cheese in! If you try it & add cheese, let me know! Or if you’re looking for vegan, keep it (and the chicken) out & it’s still wonderfully good! It’s easily adaptable to whatever veggies you want to add as a side, but I recommend something fresh or sundried to offset the creaminess! I did notice that although normal alfredo/cream sauces usually upset my stomach, but this lovely dairy free alternative did not at all! Also, toast ya some bread for the side to sop up the leftover cream sauce for a nice little end to the meal.

This is surprisingly good?
— Dakota, Husband

It pairs well with whatever kind of wine you have on your counter or in your fridge, and a couple of candles, slow jams, dim lights and kind conversation. I think this would be a great dish for you to surprise your SO with when they have to work late one night, or make together while listening to a Spotify Release Radar and drinking wine. It also gave us a good excuse to use that pasta bowl that we got for our wedding registry & haven’t gotten to use!

I set the table with bud vases full of flowers left over from a wedding weekend, antique candles sticks of all shapes and sizes, a couple flower frog arrangements & my go-to olive runner. As always, the ingredients list is linked in the url above! The recipe calls for linguine but I used shells because I was out of linguine & it worked just fine! Tasty, looks fancy & is vegan if you want it to be!