Need some wedding planning tips or vendor referrals? We're here to help. Here are some folks I trust whole-heartedly will make you wedding day as radical as they can in such a loving fashion.


Jenna Wagner Photography

Jenna photographed our wedding and my was she a JOY. She's not only so comfortable to work with, but she delivers the most beautiful product in a timely manner. Everything a bride needs on her day, she will go ABOVE and BEYOND for her girls and guys. She is ever so kind and I could rave about her for a life-time.


The Lesser Bear

I order all of my ribbons and runners from Kate. She makes you feel special with every order and creates the most appealing products. Her ribbons are hand-dyed, soft, sensual and all around incredible. The Lesser Bear is a socially conscious company that uses natural and foraged dye materials to create beautiful ribbons and textiles, while simultaneously doing its part to engage through acts of kindness and generosity.

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Heidi Elyse Photography

Heidi did our engagement photos. SHE IS RELATABLE. She is hilarious, comforting and sweet. She breaks down the barriers of awkwardness that there often is during photo shoots to create amazing work.

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Davis Art Co.

Amanda created our wedding invitations. She has such a sweet heart and really stands out amongst all of the calligraphists in the world. She has an eye for the organic world and it bleeds through, into her work.

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Hannah Zahner Beauty

This girl can do some serious makeup. She's a master of the natural and breath-taking. Plus, she is so kind and joyful, everything a bride needs on a big day.