need some wedding day tips & inspiration?

We just got married in June of 2018 and man, is the wedding world crazy! There are so many things to remember to do, all the while, you're just trying to enjoy being engaged to the love of your life. We get it. We strongly believe that this is our x-factor when it comes to the millions of florists you can choose from. If you're a little confused, a little overwhelmed or even totally put together, we're here to make it even easier. With a loving hand and patient words, we will guide you through the world of florals (and wedding planning, if needed), helping you achieve as much beauty as possible, within your budget. We are here to know you, love on you and make your day reflect your love. Here are some things we thought we important to share with other engaged couples:

  • Always be open to suggestions. Even when your Great Aunt Ruth wants you to wear a giant ball gown with rhinestones and feathers. Hearing people out relieves a lot of potential tension that always comes your way when wedding planning.

  • Tell your family and friends how you want your day to feel and look, then trust them to help you plan. Let them participate. They love you and just want to be a part of this huge season of life.

  • Be honest. If you don't want to spend money somewhere, don't want to have certain centerpieces, think the napkins your mom chose are silly looking, just be honest. Grace and honesty get you far in the planning process and help everyone stay on the same page, while still feeling loved.

  • Get invitations sent out early. They're not as scary as you think and once they're out of the way, it relieves a lot of tension.

  • Give your fiance/e a kiss when things get stressful. Put a movie on, open a bottle of wine and just revel in the fact that you're getting MARRIED!

  • Don't fight with anyone, not yourself, not your loved ones, not your Great Aunt Ruth. It's easy to subside anger or frustrations when you think, "this wedding is about love, and love is not quick to anger." Plus, you're about to be married to your hunk/beauty so whatever. Remember nothing is bigger than your love.

  • Learn your partner's love language.

  • Let yourself be inspired. Dream big and don't shut yourself down. Talk to your vendors, never feel like something is too big before you ask.

  • Remember your cake cutting tools, because we definitely bought those the day of the wedding because we forgot.

  • Stare at your engagement band for as long as you'd like, flaunt that your engaged. It's a short season of life, but a good good one that you should revel in.

  • Don't settle. If you don't feel like a bride in your dress, or a husband in your suit, don't settle. Be honest with yourself and feel it out. You have time to make your day how you want.

  • Test out marriage counseling. Whether you're involved in a church or not, just test it out. We loved our marriage counseling and it relieved all kinds of doubts and anxieties about a young marriage. If you'd rather not, check out this book. It's real and good and immensely helpful.

  • Have fun, at the wedding, at the reception, through the engagement, the whole time. You are loved immensely and you're about to enter into such an intimate season of life... just have fun.

We are so excited if you're reading this. Marriage is a wonderful thing and I want to just hug you, thinking about your next couple of months, weeks, or days. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. <3

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